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Healthier Life

Create a healthy and balanced life, by consuming healthy sugar. Organic coconut sugar is one of the best choices to replace sweeteners from nature.

Save Earth

From nature, present at your dining table. With natural processes, and maintain the principle of protecting earth. We give the best, for the earth and all of us.

Nutrition Fact

Organic Coconut Sugar, with all the benefits for our body. You can find it in practical packaging ready to use anytime.

COCOVA Organic Coconut Sugar. Produced by traditional coconut farmers. Who really respects the balance of nature. Supported by more than 300 farmers that we foster in farmer groups. Produces more than 80 tons of coconut sugar every month. To meet local and world needs.

coconut sugar

How is Organic Coconut Sugar Made?

To make Organic Coconut Sugar, flowers from the tree are cut and the sap is allowed to flow into the container. Then the sap is heated so that it removes water from the liquid sap. The result is coarse brown granules similar to brown sugar. Although it is popular in Asian countries, it is now widely used in various countries. Here are the reasons coconut sugar is starting to be in demand.

About Us

We are a group of young people who care about the fate of coconut farmers and have a big vision of their welfare.

Our Value

With a large network, full support from farmers and local government. We bring the best processed coconut products, to the world.

Our Commitment

Bringing prosperity to local farmers, and the entire supply chain in our system. Opening new jobs, for those who have commitment and integrity.